Each child is unique and has talent. That’s why all our students choose talent. The talent flows have two things in common: the core of the program is always developing creativity. In addition, each talent group includes students of different levels, so it becomes clear that a molesole does not undergo an athena pupil: the talent is after all the binding element.

All talent streams are given in the foundation three hours a week. In the upper level, an exam subject can be chosen as a follow-up to the stream. Each talent stream requires a small contribution for activities.

ICT & Design

Where would the iPad and iPhone be without their technology and their shape? Devices often recognize your shape, technology recognizes what they can. These areas come together in the ICT & Design stream. Design is very wide: you have to do with letters, pictures, colors and shapes in 2D and 3D. Everything must be clearly visible and legible, should look good and also need to be connected to the product.

For example, ICT (Information and Communication Technology) & Design includes programming, robotics, Gaming & Design, photo and film, 3D printing and graphic design. You do not have to be surprised if a robot arrives just in class, or when a drone suddenly comes flying. We are trying to connect today to tomorrow’s developments. There is at least one excursion on the program, so that you can also learn about the practice.


Each student can be a star. The Theaterstroom offers the opportunity to use the passion for acting, singing (musical) and dancing. Linking your creative development to creativity is our starting point. Improvisation, voice usage, movement and mime are all discussed. There is also an additional offer for the top talent.


Search for musical creativity, that is the goal of the music stream. Composing, writing, composing, performing: All these aspects are featured in the music stream, but also business as music theater, arranging and musical theory pass the revue. Playing at the Van der Capellen School orchestra (more than thirty members) and performing abroad are all part of it. The Music Stream also offers a good preparation at the conservatory.


The curious, researching student chooses the Science Lab. Here are the lessons of discovering and designing. In the fascinating world of nature and technology, you are challenged to investigate yourself. Therefore, various research and design assignments are being done, which teach you a lot about the subjects of biology, biology, chemistry and biology.

Subjects are addressed that match your experience world so that you are challenged to solve scientific issues using different research skills.

Sport & lifestyle

With this flow, the student is familiar with many different sports. You really do not have to be a top sportsman, but of course. Good working skills, independence, enthusiasm and perseverance are at least as important.

Trainers and teachers from inside and outside the school provide acquaintance with and flooring in various sports. For example, climbing, screens, rowing, sailing, street dance, mountain biking, tennis or outdoor activities.

In addition to sports, knowledge of a healthy lifestyle at the stream is also known. It deals with nutrition and health, but also a component such as “Sport First Aid” falls within the program.