We asked several new bridge classers why they chose Van der Capellen School Community.

Sam – I chose this school mainly because ICT is offered here. My sister is here at school too, and I heard from her that it is very fun here. I also think it’s a nice school.

Mannes – I would like to start a new school at which I did not know so many people yet. I like it very well here. I have made a lot of friends in recent months.

Noor – At my visit to the Open House, I felt at home right away. The school seemed very cozy and I could choose Drama here. After a few months in the bridge class I think it’s even more fun than I thought.

Karine – I already have a sister at this school and she told me that there is a very good atmosphere here. And that’s true. In addition, I found this a nice school.

Ilef – I already have a lot of acquaintances here and all said that this is a very nice school. At the open houses of the other schools I did not get the good feeling, at this school, I immediately felt it was good. My parents found that this was the best school for me.

Jonna – I’m dyslexic and the care for me is very good here. I get a good homework guidance.

Lisanne – I had first got a Boxing Advice from my teacher and then I was very sorry that I could not go to this school because I wanted to do the Drama Stream. After recovering from the Cito test, I might have been able to handle the TL, and if I could happily come here as a student. I’m very happy now, I’m very glad I’m at this school.

Koen – I especially talked about the colors of the building and the space to walk on. I had already heard from my brother and sister that this is a very nice school and I think that is all right. I follow the bilingual education and do the music stream and it’s great that I can do that at this school.

Julian – I have to travel for a long time to come here, but I’m sure about that. My brother made me enthusiastic about this school and I feel totally here in my place.