Do you want to develop yourself into a successful, active, self-conscious world citizen? Then you are in the right place.

You get a degree that suits your level: mavo, havo or atheneum! You actively and motivated participate in the school event: the compulsory lessons, the social, creative, sporting and bilingual activities, the talent streams.

We distinguish different characteristics of students:

  • The serving mavo student
  • The entrepreneurial havo student
  • The investigative atheneum student

You are seen and appreciated. You may grow and develop you. You get guidance and feedback on how you work and what you are performing. That makes you get to know yourself better.

You grow into a young adult who has sufficient knowledge and skills and personally developed to make choices for a follow-up step. You learned so much in those years that you can participate actively and responsibly in the world.

Whoever you are, or wherever you come from, you are welcome!


We call the TL department of the vmbo the mavo. The mavo has four years of learning and prepares you to enter the mbo or on the havo. From the school year 2017 – 2018 you can also follow a bilingual mavo with the regular mavo. You will also receive a few other courses in English in addition to additional English lessons. In addition, there are many English-language projects. The bilingual mavo training starts in the bridge class and continues until the fourth grade, in which you make an English-language sector assignment. This makes your English good enough to continue in one of the many English-language MBA programs.


The havo is a training aimed at moving to higher vocational education. At the Van der Capellen we prepare you for that. We do that by paying a lot of attention to study skills such as planning, reflecting, working together and working independently. We would like you to be involved in your education and encourage that.

A student chooses the education that matches the personal interests and talents. In the substructure you choose one of our talent streams. In the upper level you can choose from the profiles Economy & Society, Culture & Society, Nature & Health and Nature & Engineering. In addition, we offer many opportunities for students who want to follow their own course, such as an extra subject, or to finish a course at atheneum level. The social internship and the vocational training will help you in your development.

You can follow the havo both regular and bilingual.


Characteristic of the atheneum student is the curious, investigative attitude. The student wants to develop so that he can function at an academic level after six years. The student is interested in many subjects, has perseverance and is critical. Atheneum students have enough explanation; They want challenging, stimulating assignments. They want to work independently.

If you appeal to this, you will come to us. In addition to the regular subjects, you can choose a large number of subjects: English IB (in the TTO), philosophy, management and organization, mathematics D, computer science, art subject drama and art subject music. We explicitly guide you in academic skills: in the TTO and in the regular stream in the ‘academic debate and research’ discipline.

You develop your studying skills by placing high demands on you and giving your targeted feedback on level and approach.

If you are performing at a very high level, you can find additional challenges in excellence programs, an additional subject or master classes at universities.