The school is named after Joan Derk van der Capellen tot den Pol. He was one of the well-known patriots of the 18th century. He wrote the pamphlet ‘To the people of the Netherlands’. The patriots resist the rigid rule of the Oranjestadhouders.

Joan Derk van der Capellen tot den Pol was driven by the ideals of Enlightenment: a better person and a developed citizen are through education.

For us, this thought is still an inspirational ideal.

Bilingual education

Students who are willing to follow English lessons will later have a head start as they study, as many studies use English-language teachers and English-language study material. With a bilingual education we prepare you for the best of these studies. Learn more about bilingual education in the Netherlands? Look at the site of the European Platform: I choose tto.

Are you a pupil with a havo or vwo advice from elementary school, then you can sign up for bilingual havo or bilingual vwo. In bilingual education you get at least 60% of the lessons in English. It’s not harder than the usual havo or vwo, but it requires good motivation and commitment. Participation in the many varied projects, activities, foreign trips and exchanges is part of this lesson program. In addition to the regular diploma you will also receive a tto degree and the internationally recognized IB Certificate English.

The immersion in English language and culture makes you learn to learn in English. This not only teaches you good translation, but also communicates self-consciously in English. In continuing education and business, communicating fluently and culture consciously in English is considered one of the key success factors. The tto therefore also has a comprehensive program for internationalization and academicization.

If you are a student with a mavo advice, you can sign up for the bilingual mavo. In bilingual mavo education the emphasis is on speaking skills. By grade, you have an average of 30% of the lessons in English. You are working on English-language projects and you can also make your profile work in English. In addition to your mavodiploma you will also receive an internationally recognized Anglia Certificate. The program gives you a clear lead in English-language MBA courses and many other career choices.


The Van der Capellen scholengemeenschap has an extensive tradition in the field of internationalization. The world in which we live is increasingly an internationally oriented world. Young people must learn to move self-consciously and smoothly in that international context.

Internationalization is interwoven in daily classes. Projectionally, internationalization is implicitly and explicitly addressed. The school also has many international contacts where students work with peers abroad. The most obvious are of course the excursions and exchanges. As a student of the Van der Capellen, you participate at least once in an exchange where you will receive a foreign guest as well as go abroad. In addition, all Havo and VWO students take part in a class trip in class 5. In the bilingual department you can participate in more international cooperation projects (eg about human rights).

The school has an active internationalization committee that coordinates the various international contacts and oversees the substantive depth.


Active school community

Learning to do you inside and outside school. It will be fun if you get the chance to show what you’re good at. That’s why we offer your choices that match the talents you have.

In the talent streams you get a lot of extras in the field of performances, performances and competitions. For example, we make musicals, have music nights, join the First Lego League and participate in many sports tournaments. For this purpose, rehearsals or trainings will be arranged after school time to prepare competitions across the country.

At the beginning of your school career you will go to camp with the other bridge class learners. This camp is supervised by your mentor and students from 6VWO. As a result, you learn to teach students of the higher classes. With other activities you can meet them again.

In addition, we have many international contacts, with exchanges and travel. Our school orchestra, which consists of students of all the years of study, is also involved.

In class 3, all students go to a foreign host family for one week (Germany, Poland, Denmark, France or Scotland). There you will learn to know peers from other countries in a fun way. Study trips are planned in the upper building.

In addition, we have a student association, called ‘Libertas’, which organizes our school parties. A special mention deserves the student council and student mediation. Thus, our school remains a place where everyone feels connected. A real school community where we make the school together and you will feel at home quickly.

Our staff

Our team is characterized by highly educated teachers with a heart for the children. Piece of professionals who can help you further in your school career. We are a learning organization in which we continuously invest in professional development and hence the quality of education. The annual satisfaction survey we keep in mind shows a high level of safety in class.

The staff themselves describe the pedagogical climate and the good atmosphere between teachers and students as the strengths of the Van der Capellen. Let yourself do what it can and provide assistance where needed is our approach. In addition to contacting the teachers, you will also find the administration and concierge at the school. A question about your schedule or a leak? Help is always on hand.